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Welcome to Clam's Handmade Cakes!
Proudly supplying Cake Lovers all over the UK!

They tell us we no longer make cakes like we used to. 
That our lives are too hectic for us to take the time to mix and bake.
Clam’s still make cake the traditional way.
There’s the weighing, beating & sifting.
The heavenly smell of eggs,  butter & sugar cooking & finally the warm glow of contentment when all the cakes sit on the wire racks waiting to be dressed, just asking to be eaten…

Jane Phillips, Proprietor

The Key Facts

  • We don't use hydrogenated fats in any of our products
  • We crack fresh, free range eggs everyday
  • All Cakes are handmade and hand packed
  • All Cakes are made in small batches by our team of highly trained bakers
  • Our Cakes have won numerous awards over the last 10 years including national great taste awards and Welsh true taste awards
  • Most of our cakes are suitable for vegetarians